15 March 2022

New Graduate-Student Mentoring Program with NHFP Fellows

Jane Huang Columbia University

David Jones Gemini Observatory, NOIRLab

A group of postdoctoral fellows from the NASA Hubble Fellowship Program (NHFP) is initiating a virtual mentorship program designed to provide professional and academic advice to PhD students who are conducting astronomy-related research and planning to apply for postdoctoral positions in the near future. The goals of this mentorship program are to 1) make the process of launching a scientific career more transparent and equitable and 2) to foster the kinds of cross-institutional interactions that many students have been lacking during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A full description of the program and instructions on how students can apply are available online. The application deadline is 15 April 2022. Please forward to graduate students who might be interested. We particularly encourage applications from students with backgrounds traditionally underrepresented among professional astronomers. Note that this program is not sponsored or managed by the NASA Hubble Fellowship Program, and participation in it does not influence the review process for the NASA Hubble Fellowships.

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