22 February 2023

2023 PRIMA Community Workshop

Steve Unwin
on behalf of the PRIMA Team

PRIMA workshop image

We are pleased to announce the Second PRIMA Community Workshop, which will be held virtually, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm ET (16-20h CET), Tuesday-Wednesday, 21-22 March 2023.

PRIMA (PRobe far-Infrared Mission for Astrophysics) is a concept for a space telescope mission in the far infrared (25-260 µm), to be submitted later this year to the NASA Announcement of Opportunity for an Astrophysics Probe Explorer (APEX) mission. In overall observing time allocation, PRIMA will be primarily a General Observer (GO) mission, and we welcome all astronomers interested in science enabled by far-infrared observations to participate.

We invite you to join us! You will have an opportunity to present your science case by showing a couple of slides in a breakout session. Following the workshop, we invite you to expand it into a brief (two to three pages) contribution with a due date in June. Contributions from you and others from the community will be assembled into a PRIMA Science Book to be published on astro-ph arXiv in the fall, with authorship credit for each science case. The goal is to highlight the rich diversity of research topics that the PRIMA GO Program will enable.

Detailed information and a link for (free) registration are available on the PRIMA workshop page. Be sure to register to receive the Zoom information and further details. If you can’t attend the workshop but would like to contribute to the Science Book, please register anyway to receive these details.