26 February 2024

EAS Special Session: Chasing the Intracluster Light

Renato Dupke Eureka Sci./U. Mich. /Nat. Obs.

The Special Session SS17: Light Beyond Galaxies: Chasing the Intra-Cluster Light, will be held during the European Astronomical Society (EAS) Annual Meeting in Padova on 4 July. 

The session aims to review our current knowledge about the intracluster light (ICL) from both observational and theoretical perspectives, covering the following main topics:

  • Optimized pipelines and data reduction for the low surface brightness universe
  • The ICL in cosmological hydro-dynamical simulations and semi-analytical models
  • Assembly history of clusters as revealed by the ICL
  • Evolution of the ICL over cosmic time
  • ICL as an indicator of the dynamical stage in clusters
  • The role of the ICL as a tracer of the dark matter distribution
  • The ICL with next-generation facilities: JWST, EUCLID, and the Vera C. Rubin Observatory

Detailed information about session SS17 and instructions for registration are available on the EAS web page.

Please note these important dates related to abstract submission and early registration:

  • Deadline for abstract submission: 4 March
  • Deadline for very early bird registration: 26 February (deadline has passed)
  • Deadline for early bird registration: 29 April

Detailed information about the EAS 2024 meeting, including the scientific program, can be found on the meeting web page.